Wedding Decorations UK

Decoration of your table depends on your overall wedding style. Before this decision, you can take inspiration through websites and magazines. Make sure to remember that the wedding should reflect you and your partner. So, don’t force yourself to go with a style statement that doesn’t suits you. Whether it’s glamorous, rustic, bold or simple, it is essential to continue your theme all over your wedding decorations uk and what better if you start with all important tables! Reaching the perfect atmosphere is just as significant as the food. We are here to help you in each and every step of the way.


The basis of any table setting is linen, and out of 10 times, white is 9 times the best choice to go with. It offers a sleek, neutral backdrop for any of your added decorations, and has also a typical classical feel. As being said, we have seen several striking wedding tables with other table linen choices for example beige, hessian or grey. If you really want to stand out from the crowd and make a unique style statement then there are too many choices for you to select from.


This is one of the best ways to show your wedding decoration the raaj through table decor, and centre piece possibilities are limitless. Be elegant, classic and timeless with candelabras and showstopper floral vase, or show some creative flair style with fairy lights, tabletop lanterns, bird cages full of ivy leaves and whimsical flowers. A standard choice for a rustic and Signature Wedding style is slices of trees, staggered and stacked so that to create a raised area of varying height such as wooden crates, mason jars and shabby chic books. For woodland winter weddings, think about getting the outdoor to the inside with thick, pine cones, green foliage and winter berries. This works mostly well with trestle tables.


Obviously, place settings need to be useful, for this avoid large decorations that could limit your guests’ personal space and make it difficult for them to eat and converse easily. Settings are such a great chance to improve the style of your wedding; such as, at countryside weddings, wooden place boards or slate look best under a plate; for glamorous one, why not to select plates with a metal rim to add extra elegance? Irrespective of your chosen theme, just make sure that your glassware is lavishing to ensure you get reflection from nearby candles and lights. This will automatically enhance your atmosphere and definitely give your table setting a true sense of occasion. Don’t forget about a place card which helps guests direct towards their correct seats. These are also quirky and lovely gesture of love to your guests, such as a basket of candies with a name tag.


This seems like an unimportant detail, but the chairs you select will really help a lot to tie-up your theme together. For instance, a minimal wedding or a glamorous one, would look stunning with full chair covers whereas, rustic wedding may advantage from wooden chairs with hessian sash.

Final Touches

Final touches give your table a real decorative finish. More and more of candles can create a romantic intimate setting and this will compliment your décor very well. Napkins (Serviettes) can either contrast or match with the color of your table linen. A very popular idea is to place something on table for the entertainment of your guests. Such as a happy couple based quiz, crossword or a disposable camera with a tick list of images to capture. On the one hand this not only entertains your guests, but also provides you unforgettable memories that go together with your professional photos.

Planning a wedding can be complicated task, but we believe that you should completely enjoy every single moment. That’s why we are here to provide you support at every step. Whatever the season, wedding venue decoration style and size is, our team of professionals talks you to know your options &pay attention to little details. If you want to make your wedding day, a real big day of your life.